League — this is an association of players within a certain range of rating points. Rewards for battles and for the season depend on the league. The higher the league, the more difficult the battles and the steeper the rewards.

Types of Leagues

There are 5 leagues in total in the game:

«Training League»
«Bronze League»
«Silver League»
«Golden League»
«Master League»

Awards for the transition to the league

League Reward for the transition
Bronze 1 Bronze League container
Silver 1 Silver League container
Golden 1 Golden League container
Master 1 Master League container

All new players start their journey with a training league with 100 reputation points.

  • For victories or defeats, you will increase or decrease your reputation.
  • To switch between leagues, you need to score a certain number of reputation points.
  • If players and teams with too different ratings collide in a battle, players with a lower rating will receive a bonus to reputation points, and players with a higher rating will receive less reputation at the end of the battle.
League Reputation
Training 100 - 139
Bronze 140 - 999
Silver 1000 - 2999
Golden 3000 - 4499
Master 4500+
  • Your reputation points, as well as the number of wins and losses in rating battles are displayed in the player's profile.
  • When switching to a new league, the player will receive prize containers (possible only 1 time per account).

Conditional ranges

There are two conditional ranges in the game. The first includes bronze and silver, the second gold and master leagues. While moving through the rating within the ranges will not be difficult, you will have to work hard to move from one to another. In the bronze and gold leagues, the amount of lost rating from a loss is approximately equal to what you will get for a victory, and in the silver or master league, in order to win back a defeat, you will need 2-3 victories. At the same time, there is a limit on the loss of rating per day, which is valid in the gold and bronze leagues. It will help you not to fly out of the range due to failures and will reduce the amount of lost rating after a series of defeats.

* Note: every rating season is a competition, and you have to fight for a place in the league. In order for the competition to continue and none of the players could reach the top and stay there forever, at the end of each season, the rating points are automatically lowered. The loss of a part of the rating at the end of the season occurs according to the following rules:

  • players with a rating of up to 500 points do not lose anything;
  • players with a rating of more than 9000 are lowered to the level of 4500 reputation points;
  • all other players who have scored from 501 to 4499 reputation points are reduced by about 40%.